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Analytical protein electrophoresis provides
unparalleled resolution for applications ranging from
purity assessments to analysis of complex protein
mixtures. Bio-Rad produces a comprehensive line of
equipment and reagents for analytical protein
electrophoresis. This section describes full-size and
mini-vertical slab cells and a horizontal isoelectric
focusing cell. For additional information see
Electrophoresis Reagents, Electrophoresis and
Blotting Standards, Power Supplies, Gel Drying, and
Protein Blotting.



Submerged horizontal gels offer many advantages for
nucleic acid separation, and have become a primary
tool for the molecular biologist. Agarose gels are easy
to cast and readily dissipate heat. These gels allow
sample underlaying and prevent electrical field
discontinuities caused by wicks or sample well
dehydration. Horizontal systems are more economical
and easier to use than vertical systems.
The Sub-Cell GT and Sub-Cell Model 96 and 192
systems include many features essential to the
variable demands of today's molecular biology
laboratories, making casting and running agarose gels
simple and efficient.

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