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The Gel Doc XR is an easy-to-use, high-performance system
that captures images in real time, allowing you to more
accurately position and focus on your sample. With Bio-Rad's
intuitive software, images acquired with the Gel Doc XR can
be rapidly optimized, annotated, analyzed, and printed.
Follow the onscreen steps, and get your results with only
three clicks of a mouse. The Gel Doc XR system combines a
compact darkroom, UV-transilluminator workstation, 12 bit
CCD camera, motorized zoom lens, and user-friendly
Quantity One software to document and quantitate gels
stained with ethidium bromide and other fluorophores. The
iris, zoom, and focus of the lens can be manipulated either
onscreen within Quantity One software or by the instrument
control panel. Unlimited copies of Quantity One Basic,
available with each system, allow free functionality for
sharing, analysis, and presentation of gel data.

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