High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) PDF Print E-mail

Completely integrated design provides full functionality in a small
footprint suitable for many types of analysis.
Electronic controls for pump and detectors allow fully automated
operation for reproducible methods with Buck-Chrom gradient
Output to an optional Peaksimple data station for QC testing and
R&D requirements or optional analog recorder.
Fully configured systems include reverse-phase C-18 column,
solvent delivery system, syringe, and detector.
Variable wavelength systems give high-resolution selectivity(5nm)
from 190-360nm (D2) and 360-800nm (Tungsten).
Wide selection of reverse-phase (C-18, C-8, Amino, Cyano, Phenyl),
normal (SiO2, Al2O3), and GPC columns available.
Completely bio-compatible contact surfaces in "All-Polymer" design
(PEEK, Teflon, Ruby, Sapphire and Quartz) eliminates any ionic
contamination with stainless steel option for high-pressure and
GPC/SEC work..
Precision electronic Pump Control from 0.01-9.99ml/min (Analytical)
and 0.10-40.0ml/min (Semi-Preparative)
Detector flowcells quickly changed from Analytical (7mm
pathlength/10ml) to Preparative (2mm pathlength/4/ml).
Suitable for any HPLC application from cosmetics, foods,
pharmaceuticals and education; to paints, pigments, polymers,

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