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General Instruments - Turbidity Meter


With the hand-held HI 93114, three important parameters in water quality
analysis are at your fingertips. Free and total chlorine measurements and
US EPA compliant turbidity measurements are performed quickly and
reliably with this lab-grade microprocessor-based field instrument. HI
93114 is particularly useful for potable water measurements and
The rugged HI 93114 will log data for up to 25 measurements along with
time and date information for retrieval at a later date. This instrument also
offers Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) features which allow the user to
verify the calibration status of the meter.
With HI 93114 measurements can be performed using either
concentration or relative absorbance of the sample depending on the
requirements of the application.
HI 93114 can be calibrated using the factory preprogrammed calibration
points or can be custom calibrated when in colorimetric mode.
This rugged instrument has been engineered to offer all the sophistication
and reliability of bench top laboratory instrumentation in the size of a
hand-held meter.

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