Moisture Analyzer with Halogen Lamp, MB 45 PDF Print E-mail
General Instruments - Moisture Balance/Analyzer

Fast halogen element provides uniform infrared heating
up to 200 C
Superior analytical performance, with readability of 1.0
mg, 0.01%moisture and 45 gram capacity
Powerful software for ease of operation, program
storage and user customization
Heating at Light Speed
Infrared halogen technology begins drying your sample
in seconds. The unique gold reflective housing serves to
create a more uniform distribution of heat, improving
analyzer accuracy
Precise Heating software allows you to control
temperature in 1 C increments, up to 200 C
Lightning Start-Up heat from 50 C to 180 C in less
than 1 minute
Rapid Results infrared halogen heating performs up
to 40%faster than traditional infrared methods.