Moisture Analyzer with Halogen n IR Lamp PDF Print E-mail
General Instruments - Moisture Balance/Analyzer


Moisture analyzer MAC enables:
·easy access due to backlit LCD display
·drying profile (standard, mild, step, rapid).
·finish mode (manual, humidity stabilization, automatic, time defined).
·GLP/GMP printouts and reports
·halogen or infrared lamps
·standard and non-standard applications
·optimization of work due to halogen lamps mode
Maximal capacity of moisture analyzer series MAX ranges from 50 g /1
mg to 210 g/1 mg. Moisture content is measured with accuracy 0,01%
(0,001% for samples up to 1,5g). Maximal drying temperature equals
160°C (an extra cost option is moisture analyzer for drying with
temperature 250°C).

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